The headliner site for MidCoast, Bucktown Center for the Arts is made up of more than a dozen unique shops and studios where you can purchase creative, affordable, unusual and useable works of art.

We’re open 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday, and Final Fridays (last Friday of the month) until 9 p.m.) except during any closures listed on the Welcome page of this site. Bucktown was voted the top art dealer of 2019 and is a 5-year winner in the Locals Love Us program.


Visit us at our historic building in downtown Davenport, where you’ll find artists creating everything from their next great piece to workshops for both kids and adults.

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Individual studio information is below. Bucktown artists lease their spaces and their activities are not vetted or supervised by MidCoast Fine Arts beyond lease agreements. MidCoast staff will listen to any concerns made in person by appointment pertaining to a lease agreement.

Bucktown Center for the Arts

Suite 100
seven orchids
Owner: gwen ballard patton

Gwen Ballard Patton's drawings explore images of musicians, children's book illustrations and studies of plants and still lives.  She and her daughter, Rose Patton, share an interest in creating collapsible three-dimensional creations, such as "exploding boxes," pop-up greeting cards and a fully furnished doll house that folds into a flat box. Contact them for information about classes in painting, drawing and paper craft for children and adults (contacts listed above).

Suite 101 
Sunrise river gallery east: jane doty has Moved to establish her own shop
closer to her home: The Painted owl
101 W. 4th St., Wilton, IA

Jane Doty (paintings) is a retired teacher who offers a variety of types of images, especially derived from Midwestern sources.  She began her business with a wall in the Bucktown Artists' Market. You can reach her at

Suite 103 
MidCoast's Bucktown artists' market

Bucktown’s Artists’ Market provides rentable gallery spaces with exhibition casements, display cases and wall areas, starting at $40 per month.

A professional gallery manager, Tony Seabolt, oversees representation and sales. Over 25 area artists are represented with original works in jewelry, ceramics, drawings, painting in all media, fused and blown glass, mixed media, sculpture, printmaking, photography and fiber works.

Thanks to support from the Hubbell-Waterman Foundation, the Regional Development Authority and the Scott County Regional Authority, MidCoast Fine Arts has renovated a 2,200 square foot storefront space into a sparkling new gallery. 

Suite 103

Imagine That!

Owner: Jeanne O’Melia


Eclectic work in a wide range of media – watercolors, acrylic paintings, papier mâché, metal and found object sculptures, cyanotype prints and collages. 

Suite 104A

Owner: Kelvin Mason 

By appointment only. 


Artist' statement: "Proprietor of Subtopia Studios and Umbratica Gallery, Professor Kelvin Mason is a media-independent artist, designer, and educator currently at Augustana College where he acts as the coordinator of the Graphic Design Program and teaches printmaking, design, and photography courses. His current work involves digital imagery mapped onto virtual 3-D surfaces, and translated back into traditional oil paintings and prints. He has no cats."

suites 106 & 108


African American Council For The Arts


Coloring Between The Lines Kids' Art Program

Urban Exposure Summer Film Program

Films & A Conversation - movie night

Home To Wrapping Ourselves In God's Love -African American =Breast Cancer Support Group

suite 102A

Black Line Fine Art Studio & Gallery

Owner: Dan Johnson


Black Line Fine Art Studio & Gallery focuses on fusing organic elements with human figures, and is primarily executed on canvas using acrylics and ink. Influences range across art history, from Bosch and da Vinci to Beksinski and Pollock.

Life drawing classes with clothed models available.

Follow Black Line on Facebook and eBay.

suite 201A

Estate of grace

Owner: Karolyn Williams


Karolyn Williams presents her creations in sewn linen clothing and repurposed jewelry, as well as casual, comfortable clothing by other designers. The shop has for sale antiques, fine French Provence soaps and Naked Bee products.

suite 201B

Gallery 201B

Owner: T. Allen Thomas

A newer Bucktown suite occupant, artist T. Allen Thomas is recently retired and hoping to create some interactive excitement in his studio/gallery via artwork, classes and artistic comradery.  As a returning QC resident, he says he is glad to be back and looks forward to establishing connections

both old and new.

Thomas has art degrees from the Northern Illinois and the University of Iowa and has held interesting positions in the arts throughout the years. And, as many artists have historically done, he also has sustained himself with other talents. Having come home to roost, he is looking forward to creating fine art that speaks "truth," be it in a landscape or through philosophically narrative works. He notes that, upon arrival in his studio, he found a sticker from a prior artist that says, "Artists are here to disturb the peace" and he says with a smile that he couldn't agree more. Tim concludes “Its nice to be in a place like Bucktown. I just want people to come in and enjoy the studio and the experiences that will be provided herein.”

Suite 205: Three Artists:
Billie Davids, LaToya Lewis&Laura Vincent-Arnold

Three artists are sharing suite 205.

Latoya D. Lewis  (below left) has a studio area she calls Art of the Spirit. Currently she is an art teacher at Mid City High School in Davenport. where she has taught since 2016.  Her master’s degree was completed at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She is drawn to faith-based art and enjoys creating spiritual and motivational images. Coincidentally, it was a visit to Bucktown about seven years ago, and an encounter with sculptor Dean Kugler at work in suite 104 that inspired her to one day have a studio space of her own.

Laura Vincent-Arnold (below right) states, "I’ve always been drawn to the softness that comes from a reflection of a face or interior space on an evening window or the way a landscape becomes one with the fog and the dance of light and shadow as things move through it.  There is a quietness; I imagine how life, outside these moments, continues to speed along and I, for a moment, am able to push pause or a “slowmo” button on life.  Much of what I create is a combination of images, emotions, and experiences that I have collected in my subconscious."

In 2003, faced with losing her job, Billie Davids found paints from her high school years and picked up the brush again. She is mostly self-taught. She’d tended to paint people, and the idea occurred to her that she should create a Periodic Table of Human Qualities. This creation has become a signature piece for her. Each element has a description. Currently she is exploring the theme of “Absolute Elements”—personifications of earth, wind, fire, water and love. For each element she is associating a face and attributes, painted on a diamond-shaped canvas.

In addition to painting with watercolor and oils, Davids prints her images on tea towels and aprons. She sews gloves and creates greeting cards and oracle cards. In 2018 she set up a gallery, the Slant Gift Shop, in Port Byron, Illinois, for a year. The name Slant Gift Shop derived from the idea that everyone has their own slant on life. 

Images below: left to right top, Lewis and Vincent-Arnold; and Davids below.